Roasting brings out the aroma and flavor that is locked inside green coffee beans. Many people have a preference on coffee roast. Read more to find the taste that suits your palate.

Our medium dark roast beans are roasted to the first audible snap of the 2nd crack and then are allowed to coast into the cooling phase creating the perfect taste that will have your taste buds screaming 

Distinguished by the deep brown color and heavy oil on the bean's surface, Full City Roast further intensifies the unique character of each different coffee. Coffee does not become bitter when roasted darker. Bitterness in coffee is from poor quality beans or improper roasting.


Dark roasted coffee should have a heavy, rich flavor, never burnt or bitter. The extended time in the roasted not only makes coffee darker, but also lighter in weight. Coffee contains water, that water is turned into steam during the roasting process, steam pressure causes the beans to swell in size. After roasting, coffee can weigh up to 25% less from the loss of water within the bean.

Crown Roast Coffee

Profile: Full City +

Origin: Central & South America

Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, hazelnut, plum


Crown Roast Coffee

The Dark Roast  Profile

Dark Roast offers signature blend of central and South American estates.

It’s unique blend is complex but not overpowering.

Origin: Latin America

Tasting notes : Rich chocolate and caramel with hints of floral undertones


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